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Societies fail if their governments are ineffective, and governments are ineffective if their civil servants are ineffective. This website and its accompanying book How to be a Civil Servant accordingly examine the skills and effectiveness of the UK Civil Service. It has been designed with several different audiences in mind.

First, it contains a good deal of basic information about civil service numbers, pay pensions etc.

Second, it contains advice for new recruits. They soon find that working in Whitehall can be great fun, and very rewarding. It is good to work to improve the lives of fellow citizens, you get to influence important decisions, and you get to meet some fascinating people, a good number of them within the civil service. But new arrivals discover that they are subject to a bewildering mixture of rules, procedures and guidance, whilst at the same time they find it very difficult to obtain basic advice about how to do their job. The second aim of this website is therefore to provide a thorough introduction to the duties, responsibilities and working practices of Whitehall officials.

Next, you will find a detailed history of civil service reform, together with a good deal of comment and analysis.

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Finally, separate sections focus on specific subjects such as:

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